Top 10 Photographs of 2017

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Top photos of 2017

2017 was an amazing year in photography for me. A little ‘too’ amazing. When I tried to narrow down the photographs for this post, I had to make some hard choices. In the end, I cut photos that I liked more because of my post-processing than the actual photograph, or great photographs that I liked more for the subject itself than the resulting photograph.

My Top 10 Photographs of 2017

This list is, for the most part, in no particular order.

Lighting the Way
I was super proud of this photo as the cave was very dark. You can see pretty much all the lighting in this photo. I had no tripod, a broken camera (a running theme for most of these photos) and not a lot of time on this fast-paced tour of the Salt Mines near Krakow, Poland.
A lot of what I love about this photo of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp is the moodiness of the post-processing. While this was a reason for cutting a lot of other photos, this one stayed in the list. That was, for the most part, because of the comments I received during my Exhibit last year. “It’s just a moody street… oh… no it’s not.”
Framed on Juno Beach
I loved this Royal Canadian Legion member framed in this ‘Dragon’s Tooth’ on Juno Beach, Normandy.
The Old McMaster Mill
One of my most successful ‘silky falls’ photographs.
Number 76 Kicks up the Dirt
You know what’s really great about a fully-functional camera? Being able to use a fast shutter speed. And burst mode. Those allowed me to catch the dirt frozen in the air at this truck rally.
Stairs in Debris
During the summer I was given access, along with one of my photo buddies, to this building slated for demolition. I wasn’t actually happy with most of my photos from the shoot, but I do love this one. Also, it is not digital but black and white film.
Spilled Milk Over Annapolis County
I experimented a lot with basic astrophotography in 2017. This was my most successful photograph.
Golden Peggy's Cove
I ‘accidentally’ managed to ‘force’ another photo buddy to stay at Peggy’s Cove until sunset. Worth it.
In the Doorway
I am the photographer for our local variety show “Broken Leg Theatre”. When possible, I try to take some photos backstage. I’m not always successful with that, but this photo ranks up there with my best/favourite of all my BLT photos.

Number One

My favourite photo (and a favourite of a lot of other people) is this black and white photograph of the arches of the Cloth Market in Ypres, Belgium. The ghost of a figure at the end of the tunnel, in my opinion, makes it.

Ghosts of Flanders

Most Popular Photos of 2017

So, just because they’re my favourite, doesn’t mean they are the most popular. Also, I enjoy stats. Spoilers: the geeks (of which I’m one) rules the Internet.

“The Family” – my BB-8 toy collection with 1,145 views in 2017.

The Family

The top non-Star Wars photo from 2017 was “Bollywood Dance”, landing with 747 views.

Bollywood Dance


Star wars also tops the list for the most popular photo taken before 2017 with “Snowtrooper Snowman” – 841 views.

Snowtrooper Snowman

And for the non-Star Wars – “Smiling Happy People”, 792 views.

Smiling Happy People

For the Number Crunchers

(mostly myself)

2017 was my most prolific year, which probably explains everything at the beginning of this post. I kept almost 12,000 photographs and videos last year (which, of course, means I actually shot a lot more.) In addition to my tour of Europe, and three Broken Leg Theatres, I was out shooting at least once (sometimes more) almost every single week. It’s no wonder I shot so much!

Of those, I posted 783 to Flickr. I just showed you which of those were the most popular, but in total I had 137, 532 views on my photos. August was the most popular month, probably because of all the individual shoots I did, with over 17,000 visits.

Thank you for your interest!