Art Rentals and Sales!

The Hardware Gallery in Kentville, Nova Scotia now has a large selection of my photographic prints for sale or RENTAL! Most photographs are prints on aluminum, but there are a few canvas and regular framed photos as well. They start at $200 OR… just $25 a month! Is art rental right for you? Well, it’s for almost everyone, really! Do you want to buy a piece of art, but can’t afford $200-300 at once? Want some art in your guest room just to impress company you have visiting? Would you like to switch up the art in your office from … Read more…Art Rentals and Sales!

Top 10 Photographs of 2017

2017 was an amazing year in photography for me. A little ‘too’ amazing. When I tried to narrow down the photographs for this post, I had to make some hard choices. In the end, I cut photos that I liked more because of my post-processing than the actual photograph, or great photographs that I liked more for the subject itself than the resulting photograph. My Top 10 Photographs of 2017 This list is, for the most part, in no particular order. Number One My favourite photo (and a favourite of a lot of other people) is this black and white … Read more…Top 10 Photographs of 2017

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