Art Rentals and Sales!

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The Hardware Gallery in Kentville, Nova Scotia now has a large selection of my photographic prints for sale or RENTAL!

Most photographs are prints on aluminum, but there are a few canvas and regular framed photos as well. They start at $200

OR… just $25 a month!

Is art rental right for you?

Well, it’s for almost everyone, really!

  • Do you want to buy a piece of art, but can’t afford $200-300 at once?
  • Want some art in your guest room just to impress company you have visiting?
  • Would you like to switch up the art in your office from time to time to give your clients something new to look at when they visit?
  • Can’t decide which piece of art you want?
  • Want multiple pieces, but can’t afford the money or space?
  • Maybe you just want to try a piece out in your home to see if you really like it.

How it works

  1. Choose a piece listed on the website and contact the gallery to arrange rental.
  2. Pay $25 a month for up to six months. (Different artists have different price points).
  3. When you’ve had it for six months (or less), return the piece and get a new one


Pay the balance of the price of the artwork and keep it forever! (for most of my pieces, you’ll just have $50 left to pay.)

I mean, why wouldn’t you want to get in on this?

Your purchase or rental supports local artists and local initiatives!

Contact the Hardware Gallery for more information.

(And, of course, you can just buy the art outright, too!)